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MindLink XMPP Gateway

MindLink are excited to announce the first release of our XMPP Gateway. Our new, first of its kind, solution will allow Microsoft Teams users to communicate directly with users on XMPP-based systems over instant messaging.

For users on the tactical edge, the MindLink XMPP Gateway acts as the secure point of communication between isolated or forward-deployed mission components and central command. Acting as a communication backbone for intelligence and defense, this delivers faster decision-making and improved C4ISR capabilities across the mission. The first release of the MindLink XMPP Gateway will federate presence and instant messaging between XMPP and Microsoft Skype For Business (SfB) for a single XMPP domain against a single SfB deployment. Following our roadmap, subsequent releases will see new features added to improve deployment, scalability, and multi-domain/multi-tenancy support.


The solution detailed here is in the initial release phase, and is designed to demonstrate the core technical capabilities of the product. Below we list the functionality that will be supported in this release:

  • IM chat functionality between XMPP clients and SfB clients.
  • Bidirectional presence subscription and publication functionality between XMPP clients and SfB clients.
  • Exchange of contact cards between federated users.
  • Configuration against a single XMPP server.
  • Configuration against a single SfB deployment.

Certain notable features within the IM modality will not be supported in the initial release:

  • Video and audio calls
  • Multiparty conversations
  • Message composition notifications (i.e., “User is typing…”)
  • Augmented presence including user notes (known as ‘personal notes’ in SfB)