Desktop features

Disable Instant Messaging (IM) or Group Chat

Disable IM or Disable Group Chat prevents all Web Client users from using IM or Group Chat respectively. This setting can be either disabled globally via the MindLink Management Center within the 'General' > 'Enable Instant Messaging' or 'Enable Group Chat' options, or it can be set on an individual basis when the user logs into the Web Client.


Configuring profile pictues in MLA

profile pictures

As of 18.7 users can enable profile picture setting in MLA. This can be done by clicking the Enable setting profile pictures check box. Users will need an exchange mailbox to set profile pictures in MLA.

Multiple persistent chat pools

Multiple Persistent Chat Pools

Users can connect to multiple persistent chat pools. This allows users to join any chatrooms that are in the located on any of the specified persistent chat pools There are multiple ways user can connect to persistent chat pools. These include:

  • Explicit connection
  • Auto provisioning connection


Explicit conections involve specifying specific chat pools in the management tool. Only users within those specified persistent chat pools can login. A single chatpool can be specified in the Default Persistent Chat pool endpoint address field. Multiple chat pools are specified by clicking the Connect to multiple Persistent Chat pools checkbox. Entries added in the table can be removed by pressing the Delete key.


Auto provision

Auto provisioned connections allow users to login as any user located on the configured persistent chat pools on the server. The user does not need to specify any of the configured chat pools to login as users located on them.

Auto provision

File transfer in IM conversations

File transfer allows users to send messages in IM conversations. This includes both images and text files.

Auto provision

1-2-1 Voice Calling

Enabling voice calls allows users to voice call with one another in the desktop client. Voice more information can be found on the Voice Troubleshooting page.

Auto provision