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Release 24.1

New Features:

Search All Joined Groups - Result Paging and Search Efficiency

Multiple improvements have been made to history searching across all joined groups. The search results support paging, ensuring users can effectively browse results beyond the initial result limit. Paging ensures searching history across all groups has a limited performance impact on the MindLink environment, while allowing further searching of older results with subsequent pages.

To complement paging, the efficiency of histoyr searching has been improved to deliver results more effectively.

Certificate Authentication (CBAC)

MindLink Anywhere supports a new authentication mechanism - Certificate Authentication - allowing a user to be authenticated via a client certificate. The client certificate's subject is used as the claim for validating against an Active Directory object (via LDAP).

More details, including configuration, can be found in the Certificate authentication page.

OIDC - Configurable iFrame or popup authentication

Initial support for OIDC in 23.7 required users to redirect from the MLA Authentication page to their OIDC authority. Release 24.1 provides more flexibility to administrators, offering a configurable 'Prefered signin mode' with 'Redirect' or 'Popup' available.

Note: Pop-up mode will fall back to Redirect if popups are disabled on the browser.

New MLA Themes

The Dark and Light themes in MLA have updated, serving a brand-aligned pallet of colors aligned with the old theme.


This version includes the following improvements:

FCF-9948Use an iframe or popup for OpenID authentication instead of redirectMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9930Tidy up administration client asset aliases
FCF-9885Improve E2EE server certificate verification and connection loggingMindLink Anywhere, E2EE

Bug Fixes

This version includes the following bug fixes:

FCF-10033Disclaimer accept button is not visible till user hovers over it on IE11MindLink Anywhere
FCF-10015Loading history in an MCE group with lots of messages is slowMindLink Anywhere
FCF-10014Unhandled exception is thrown when MailKitSmtpClientConnection attempts to dispose during operation
FCF-10006Setting group description to empty skips validation and crashes GroupUserInvitationsProjectionModelGrain activation
FCF-10004Mention user icon is a low-contrast blue in dark modeMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9988Searching for members when creating an MCE group via in-app group management clears the windowMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9986Hard to add users to multiparty on small screens with lots of COIsMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9984Setting group with out-of-scope principals ignores principals but errors at userMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9982Data attributes are ignored when creating MCE group if data attribute computation failsMindLink Ahywhere
FCF-9971Email notification link won't open group when using OIDCMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9962JoinGroupAsyncOperation and LeaveGroupAsyncOperation throw unhandled exceptions when user previously joined federated groups in a previously federated environmentFederation
FCF-9946Invalid credentials error in MCE powershell only shows for existing users that aren't the admin UPNMCE PowerShell
FCF-9832Mentions user search appears to fail to remove non-matching results sometimesMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9760Group management is has horizontal scroll, making it difficult to use the windowMindLink Anywhere

Known limitations

Internet Explorer 11 does not support Conversation Export
Audio calling between the MindLink client and the Skype Mobile app is currently not supported