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Release 23.6

Breaking Changes - Updating v23.4 and below

Please be advised, when upgrading from v23.4 or below there is a one-time permissions requirement to successfully install/upgrade the MCE database using the new Management Center UI.

The Management Center service account should be a member of db_owner, with ALTER_DATABASE permission, when the UI installation or generated database upgrade script is run. This will allow the MCE database to be altered to prepare it for future updates through the Management Center UI.

New Features:

In-app Feedback

Administrators may enable an in-app feedback form on the MindLink Anywhere page of the Management Center.

When enabled, the in-app feedback form will show to users in the user profile menu. Feedback consists of a rating scale and a text input.

All feedback remains internal to your deployment. The feedback form gathers information in the MLA logs, which administrators may choose to collect and pass on to MindLink at their own discretion.

Users are encouraged to not include any sensitive content in their feedback submission, and any feedback forwarded to MindLink by administrators should ensure sensitive information hasn't been included.

Attribute Types (add/update)

23.6 allows administrators to add and update Attribute Types in their MCE environment. Attribute Types are a prerequisite to wider 23.7 Dissemination Control functionality, adding attribute types to MCE groups to provide further control over who can, and can't, access MCE groups.

23.6 includes the following MceAdmin PowerShell commands:

Further details for what to expect in the upcoming 23.7 release can be found in the 23.7 Dissemination Controls Overview

Email Notifications Configuration Improvements

The configuration of email notifications and associated features has been updated with a unified MCE Emails page.
Debug keys have been updated to UI configurations in the Email page, too.
Updated configuration details can be found in MCE Email Configuration

Improved Group Management UI for hidden attributes

Managing a group in group management provides an improved experience for cases where member/manager users lose attributes required to be in the group.
Historically, all items would be hidden with a message indicating "Some attributes are hidden"
23.6 will show invalid users with distinct styling to allow administrators to remove them manually, ensuring future attribute changes won't allow them to regain access to groups. User collections, such as AD groups and OUs, or attribute provider attributes, will remain hidden in this scenario with the "Some attribute are hidden" message.


This version includes the following improvements:

FCF-9818User group members that are no longer authorized should still appear in the Group Management Client role membershipsMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9803Improve Group Management Client help imagesMindLink Anywhere

Bug Fixes

This version includes the following bug fixes:

FCF-9913SynchronizationContextBoundedContentExportManager is not using the permiter call. Operations interleave with threads in user services sessionMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9911Unhandled exception in Exchange EWS stackMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9910Hard Deleting messages sent prior to v21.4 causes replay issue.MindLink Anywhere
FCF-989423.6 configuration upgrade uses old encryption debug keys instead of previous configurationManagement Center
FCF-9888GroupUserRoster contains endpoints that have been terminated.MindLink Anywhere
FCF-9886User events get stuck when an attribute provider is not in useMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9883Sending unsupported message parts over federation fails to send the messageFederation
FCF-9864Federation backwards query response write is not thread safeFederation
FCF-9855Federation subscriptions fail after upgrades due to generic grain types being encoded with version informationFederation
FCF-9853Converting an AllGroupMembers mention message part throws an unhandled exceptionMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9851Group invitation emails sometimes being sent twiceMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9843Leaving multiparty after being mentioned causes my mentions tab to not collapseMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9589UCMA endpoint can outlive API agentMindLink API
FCF-9483Cannot send messages in multi-COI encrypted groups in FirefoxMindLink Anywhere

Known limitations

Internet Explorer 11 does not support Conversation Export
Audio calling between the MindLink client and the Skype Mobile app is currently not supported