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Release 22.3

Breaking Changes

Please be advised, if you are upgrading from version 21.4 or earlier, a version change for an internal dependency introduced in 21.5 requires the installer to be re-run and the "repair" option selected to correctly update the package.

If you are upgrading from version 21.5 or later this should already have been done, and won't need repeating.


Upgrade to .Net 6.0
the .Net dependency has been updated to version 6.0
This update will require upgrading the .Net version available on the MindLink server(s) to ensure this dependency is met.

More information can be found on the Requirements page.

New Features:

Group Email Notifications
Administrators are able to configure their system to email members of newly created and edited groups, alerting them to the changes.
Group Email Notifications aim to maintain awareness of new and changing MCE groups, ensuring users are able to join relevant rooms quickly and easily.

Group email notifications currently require debug key configuration, specified in the optional debug key section of the MCE Configuration page.

Strict Security Context Encryption
The MCE Admin PowerShell module has been augmented with -IsEncryptionEnabled $True to allow administrators to configure strict encryption on a per-security context basis. Additionally, the debug key debug.encryption.strict.enabled has been added to enforce strict encryption when the value = true. If enabled, any groups created with the strict encryption security context must have encryption enabled.

This ensures tighter enforcement of encryption as encrypted group creation will be prevented for unencrypted Security Contexts. Encrypted group creation with Security Contexts that support encryption will be enforced.

Unencrypted groups may still be created with unencrypted Security Contexts.

Copy/Paste Content Copying Controls
Administrative control has been enhanced, with capabilities to disable copying message content from MCE groups.

This is configured on a per-Security Context basis using the MCE Admin PowerShell module. Enabling content copying controls will prevent text being selected in MLA, preventing copying of content.

User Nationalities
By configuring a XML mapping file, administrators may map nationalities to individual users to display a nationality flag next to their name within MindLink Anywhere.
The following debug keys, and example values, will enable User Nationality Mapping. Please modify the XML configuration file as required.

debug.usernationalities.enabled = true
debug.usernationalities.claimname = nationality
debug.usernationalities.countrycodemappingsfilepath = "C:\Program Files\MindLink Software\MindLink Anywhere\Connector Service\SampleConfig\CountryCodeMappingsConfiguration.xml"
debug.usernationalities.failedresolutionexpirationminutes = 10

Configure "Manage Groups Externally" display message
The display text for the external SfB group management button can be configured in the management center, ensuring administrators are able to tailor the group management experience.
This customizable display text ensures users see clear and familiar naming for their external management approach.

The configuration is integrated into the group management section at the bottom of the MindLink Anywhere page. This configuration is only applicable when SfB group management is set to "External website"

Disable attribute principles for group membership
A new debug key allows administrators to disable provisioning group membership using attributes.

advanced.mce.connector.attributeprincipals.disabled = true This configuration will remove attributes from the available members / managers of a group, ensuring group managers must explicitely specify user-by-user.

Side-by-side message translation
A new user preference has been added for translation-enabled systems. Users may opt to show translated messages side-by-side with the original message, rather than toggling between them, to provide simultaneous visibility.

Start/Stop Mce Grain commands
Introduced Start-MceGrain and Stop-MceGrain commands.

Grain activation/deactivation can be observed in the Orleans dashboard, via the number of activations rising/lowering

Pre-logon help link
Administrators may configure a new help link for MindLink Anywhere, displayed on the authentication page. The pre-login help link can be configured on the MindLink Anywhere page of the management center, pointing to any desired destination URL.

This provides an opportunity for users to access help resources without needing to authenticate. Especially effective for users encountering authentication issues.


22.3 includes the following improvements:

FCF-9482Message history search should match on story subject as well as story bodyMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9458Allow the administrator to configure the message for the "Manage group externally" buttonMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9435Improve styling of administration annotation textMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9431Ignore subsequent activations of GroupInvitationInformationGatheringModel if we have already sent emailMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9429Add encrypted status to chat room email notificationsMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9427Support Start-MceGrain commandletMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9426Improve error logging in SMTP Email ServiceMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9421MCE management tool should allow configuring the MCE advertised IP addressManagement Center
FCF-9412Same user existence should not be checked multiple timesMCE
FCF-9404Email reminders should use an equivalent of ExecuteStreamOperationAsyncMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9399Add a state machine to the Foreign Event Source Manager to make it more defensiveMCE
FCF-9373Make application services API consistentMCE
FCF-9372Changing component used for environment filtering in Group Management windowMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9255Add ability to turn off attribute-based member principals for Group ManagementMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9236Security contexts should be explicitly enabled for encryption. Encryption should be enforced when a Security Context supports it.MCE
FCF-9145Add a pre-login "need help?" linkMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9140Remove dependency on ExtendedWpf libraryManagement Center
FCF-9119Replace Firewall COM reference with PInvoke implementationManagement Center
FCF-9041Add contact directly from group participants listMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8839Allow configuring silos to use a different listening address from its advertised addressMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8752Prevent creation of duplicate security contextsMCE

Bug Fixes

22.3 includes the following bug fixes:

FCF-9574Opening a room from a URL does not show the roomMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9526Sync MCE group classification chat content clearing script breaks message sendingMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9507Creating MCE group via PowerShell does not assign conversation data attributesHost
FCF-9485Adding a bypass host URL that includes a comma in the regular expression will split the regular expressionManagement Center
FCF-9467Management Tool - Advanced Tab: limited scroll capabilityMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9460Search message History : Date pickers in IE11 overlap each otherMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9446Message content in encrypted message is too close to padlock iconMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9442Outline not appearing correctly on popper componentsMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9437AbstractStreamEventSource does not iterate through subscribers safelyMCE
FCF-9432Full names not showing up on hover for truncated group principals in group administration windowMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9419Null assertions either missing or unnecessary in MAASMCE
FCF-4109Group Management : Errors persist when switching UCMA / MCE tab in new Group Management UXMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9369Reset button in search bar disappears with resizing of windowMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9085Cannot read long alias and cannot read user ID when display name not availableMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8832User popup doesn't show for senders in livestream panelMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8719Classification label text is not perfectly alignedMindLink Anywhere

Known limitations

Email notifications do not effectively link to the group if MCE is configured with a Custom Environment name containing a space
Audio calling between the MindLink client and the Skype Mobile app is currently not supported