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Release 22.1

Breaking Changes

Please be advised, if you are upgrading from version 21.4 or earlier, a version change for an internal dependency introduced in 21.5 requires the installer to be re-run and the "repair" option selected to correctly update the package.

If you are upgrading from version 21.5 this should already have been done, and won't need repeating.

New Features:

Management Center MCE Page
MCE deployments may now leverage a dedicated management center page to configure some of their MCE configuration values. Found under the feature heading, MCE backend services must be enabled on this page to leverage MCE.

Enabling MCE backend services, the database connection string and cluster configuration will be configurable on this page along with the orleans dashboard.

PowerShell New-MceGroup command
MCE PowerShell has been augmented with New-MceGroup, a command allowing administrators to leverage the PowerShell module to create MCE groups.

For more information, see New-MceGroup command page.

PowerShell Audit Script
MCE Administrators may now leverage PowerShell, along with some packaged scripts, to extract audit events directly from a MCE database. Audit events are serialized as JSON payloads and can be pulled periodically. More information can be found in the PowerShell Auditing page.

Dock User Activity
User presence has been augmented in the Dock to provide users with more information about contact's activity. User presence is shown, along with a timestamp for duration, to provide better accuracy of contact availability.

UCMA-Only authentication in a MCE environment
MCE brought with it a requirement to MCE-Enable a user before they would be able to log in to the server. in 22.1, administrators are now able to configure their system to allow UCMA-only users to authenticate.

debug.connector.mce.enablebypass = true

This will ensure UCMA-Only users won't be blocked from logging into a system that is configured for MCE, while maintaining the full MCE environment for MCE users and groups.


22.1 includes the following improvements:

FCF-9307Resetting history search settings in encrypted chat should re-search if search results are visibleMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9306Optimise chat history search results UI for smaller screen sizesMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9256Implement decryption retry button for keys that failed to importMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9237MLA in split mode UCMA-MCE should allow UCMA-only users to login without MCE identityMCE
FCF-9235Adjust phrasing for the Maximum Classification in the Group Management clientMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9234Encryption padlock icon next to messages should appear locked even when they areMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9233Decryption should be resilient to transient request failuresMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9230Design SQL script for clearing message content out of chat roomsMCE
FCF-9193Add clearer description of what the setting "Hide emojis sent as emoticons" meansMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9174Visibly differentiate between faulted and non-faulted groups in the dockMindLink Anywhere

Bug Fixes

22.1 includes the following bug fixes:

FCF-9320Contrast for encryption key lifetime information in historic keys view is too low in dark modeMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9304Performing chat history search when history search is already in progress shows errorMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9302Unhandled exception when logging on in UCMA connectorUCMA Connector
FCF-9291Universal search input clear button is incorrect colour when not focusedMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9288Ordering of COIs changes each time a multi-COI group is joinedMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9285WebModule does not use caching classification hydratorHost
FCF-9284Encrypted group shows incorrect error message when failing to decrypt keys because encryption feature disabledMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9282Unhandled IOException when writing preferences and disk out of spaceMCE
FCF-9269Incorrect failure reason when the SQL connection pool is starvedMCE
FCF-9254Notification aggregate bar in dock does not change to light modeMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9242Members list popover extends beyond the bottom of small screensMindLink Anywhere
FCF-9223MCE administrator UPN not updating in management toolManagement Tool
FCF-9199Inconsistent PowerShell property names when getting by identityMCE PowerShell

Known limitations

Audio calling between the MindLink client and the Skype Mobile app is currently not supported