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Release 21.4

New Features:

Disable-MceGroup PowerShell Commands
MCE Admin has been augmented with the ability to disable MCE groups by ID. Administrators can disable MCE groups through a PowerShell command, providing the Group ID as follows: Disable-MceGroup -Id <\group id>

Currently the group ID is sourced from the SQL database. Group IDs are found in the AdminGroupLookupEntries table.

Administrators are able to re-enable MCE groups they have disabled. Enable-MceGroup -Id <\group id>

MindLink Mobile MCE Support
MindLink Mobile now supports MCE groups, when configured with the required debug keys. The Mobile client can integrate MCE into an existing UCMA deployment or be leveraged to run only MCE.

Custom Brand Names
Configurations have been added to MLA allowing administrators to "rebrand" their deployments. Brand Naming aims to provide administrators with additional control over the branding language of their MindLink Anywhere deployments, replacing "MindLink Anywhere" with a custom name and "Built. for . Business." With a custom strap line.

Hybrid Group Management
Administrators can enable Hybrid group management functionality, allowing management of UCMA and MCE groups simultaneously. Leveraging the group management interface integrated inside the MLA application, administrators can manage their UCMA groups and MCE groups in once place.

For further customization, administrators are able to configure custom environment names for MCE and UCMA respectively.

Dynamically updating the logging level
A small but powerful change for administrators, 21.4 allows a dynamic configuration of the logging level. Setting a new log level will be reflected dynamically, allowing administrators to troubleshoot or increase log content without any impact on uptime of their MindLink deployment.


21.4 includes the following improvements:

FCF-8907Validate the maximum encryption key expiration against the default encryption key expiration when starting serviceMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8889Align encryption key expiration interval representationsMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8881Parallelise encryption key decryption & importationMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8880Implement Modal view for creating encryption keysMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8834Change the timestring shown on historical encryption keysMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8826Change the encryption key history buttonMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8816Story icon in mentions should be inline like conversationsMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8804Show timeout exceptions in Admin WindowMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8774Code sign application installersMindLink Anywhere, Mobile, API
FCF-8705The conversation attributes button colour should match the other conversation header buttonsMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8643Make Contact Card Open When Hovering Inline Profile PictureMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8641Allow the conversation header icons to collapse into a "..." menuMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8615Remove SfBO supportSfBO Connector
FCF-8613Show an asset loading progress screen for constrained networkMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8612Introduce wait time before hover popover user info card appearsMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7883Update the logging level when the configuration file changesMindLink Anywhere

Bug Fixes

21.4 includes the following bug fixes:

FCF-9067Opening private chat in strict data-labelling mode throws reports InvalidModelStateException in logsMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8946Clicking the maximise button in a conversation header causes the icons to collapse into a "..." menu even if there is adequate space for them to be expandedMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8941Unhandled exception while saving MCE preferencesMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8934API - Management : Create with Invalid Category ID crashes serviceFoundation API
FCF-8916APNS manager initialization message is incorrectMobile Server
FCF-8915EventPublisher throws unhandled exceptions when disposedMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8908Trying to send message when no encryption key shows notification popup in the wrong placeMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8904Unable to configure the info service to determine availability using pool manager as there is no known info service manager availableMobile Server
FCF-8903Client preferences tabs' texts are not central unless selectedMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8899Can't open story from LiveStream when message menu appearsMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8895Long COI can flicker with other COI in unified viewMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8883Dark mode maximize focus button is larger than light mode complementMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8876Hovering over messages when closing private chat in slow network crashes clientMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8863Autocomplete for group links does not respect the security boundary of the conversationMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8814Group message sender name in the dock not accurateMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8803Message input space is not resized properly when using pretty linksMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8801Advanced tab debug key is ignored if it has a space at the endMindLink Anywhere

Known limitations

Audio calling between the MindLink client and the Skype Mobile app is currently not supported