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Release 21.3

New Features:

Hybrid Group Management
MindLink Anywhere Group Management has been augmented with the capacity to manage UCMA and MCE chat rooms simultaneously.
Added with 21.3.1, administrators can now leverage both environments with their group management interface, provided a drop-down selection when clicking the 'create' button to specify their desired source.

To manage a UCMA chat room MindLink must have Pchat enabled.
debug.ucma.persistentchat.enabled = true

To manage a MCE chat room the MindLink MCE Configuration must include the following debug key:
debug.mce.enableinappmcegroupmanagement = true

In all cases the administrator must also enable in-app group management in the MindLink Anywhere page of the Management Center.

Administrators have an additional, optional configuration to customise the environment name of their environment(s)
This can be done with the following debug keys: - sets custom UCMA environment name - sets custom MCE environment name

Specify individual users as members
Introduce the ability to add/remove individual users to group roles in the group management environment. This allows administrators to create very restricted and carefully managed groups.

Supporting this feature, autocomplete options will return eligible users.

Using Active Directory groups and OUs for MCE group management
This update allows Active Directory groups and containers (OUs, domains) to be used to specify chat room members and managers, and security context roles.

This change focuses on diverse management of deployment environments, providing administrators with more utility to manage groups in the MindLink environment.

Mark conversation as read button to private conversations
When a conversation has COIs required, a mark as read button is displayed in the COI list header. Clicking the mark as read button marks the whole current conversation as read

This allows a user to mark a conversation as read when they cannot see a unified view of messages, so that they can easily track which conversations have unread messages.

Ongoing improvements to MCE
Along with newly added features, 21.3 provides ongoing improvements to MCE. Underlying changes reinforce the MCE functionality, improving administrative and user experiences.


21.3 includes the following improvements:

FCF-8874Support dynamically updating the serilog appsettings.json and allow it to be created in app dataHost
FCF-8872Allow an administrator to customise the timeout for attribute server requestsHost
FCF-8865Sort COIs by nameMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8837Add a debug key to disable/enable unified COI viewMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8812APNS push token should be issued in the past by a configurable marginMindLink Mobile
FCF-8776Update Javascript API samples to handle classification and security context message sending and receivingMindLink API
FCF-8746Audit group joins/leaves and search requestsMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8673Searching a user by user ID should show matching contactsMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8672Allow searching by SIP address when adding to multipartyMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8642Implement EDH for MCE group descriptionsMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8627Mentions should show classification and COI labelsMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8610Hover popover user info card should have a border around it to improve contrastMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8580Consolidate group management capabilitiesMindLink Anywhere, MCE
FCF-8208Support silo to silo TLS validation in MCEMindLink Anywhere

Bug Fixes

21.3 includes the following bug fixes:

FCF-8798Color of the COI text when editing a group does not respect foreground colour of the COIMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8788Classification banner does not update correctly when classification roll off the top of the conversationMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8784Conversation banner is not scoped to the current COIMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8780MceGroups file-based synchronizer targets MCE core instead of adminHost, MCE
FCF-8779Admin to core user synchronization of updated SIP address removes linked identityMindLink Anywhere, MCE
FCF-8767Encrypted group faulted state has inconsistent padlock styleMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8761Disabling clientenabled, when MceAdmin module is loaded, enables connectorMindLink Anywhere, MCE
FCF-8754Create MCE Group in Group Management creates duplicate managed groupsMindLink Anywhere, MCE
FCF-8753Disabling Orleans Dashboard Does Not Disable Orleans DashboardMindLink Anywhere, MCE
FCF-8749Audit entry logs include full message contentHost
FCF-8728Creating user is permanently added as a managerMindLink Anywhere, MCE
FCF-8514Chat history search forward arrow is pushed out of the view on IE11MindLink Anywhere

Known limitations

Audio calling between the MindLink client and the Skype Mobile app is currently not supported