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Release 21.1

New Features:

Updated Contact Card improvements
Added new Hover contact cards to quickly access key user information - Hover over a user's name in the dock or active conversation and their contact card will show their details.

Contact cards have also been improved with time zones. Users in other time zones will show their time zone and local time.

Disclaimer Audit Logging
Added an audit log entry for the status of disclaimers when a user logs in - Logs if the user has accepted the disclaimer. Provides administrators with a record of their disclaimer deployment, logging if it has been accepted. This applies to the default disclaimer or any discriminating disclaimers that are enabled.

WebSessionLogOnAuditEntry { DisclaimerHash: "1EA600EE793441D49F2BC88D054D468B", IsDisclaimerSigned: True, UserId: "", Description: "logged on", AuditEntryStatus: Success }

A log entry will also be created if disclaimers are disabled, to ensure disclaimer status is clear in any configuration.

Persistent Disclaimers
Administrators can configure a disclaimer to show every time a user reaches MLA. Using the following debug key in the Management Center Advanced tab, an administrator can enforce persistent disclaimers to ensure they are shown each time a user logs in.

debug.web.client.disclaimer.nocache = true

Previously a disclaimer would be accepted and not shown to the same endpoint again, until a change is made to the disclaimer config.

User Presence & Profile Pictures in Search Results
Updated the MindLink dock search results to show a user's presence state. Additionally, results will show the user's profile picture in search results.


21.1 includes the following improvements:

FCF-8634Allow admin to always require disclaimer to be signedMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8529Translation button should be moved to the left in the users mentions filterMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8499Remove requirement to install .net framework 3.5MindLink Anywhere
FCF-8458Introduce classification services caching for hydrating classificationsMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8455Prevent multiparty chat configuration workflow from issuing empty initial search until user opens modalWeb Client
FCF-8449Implement asymmetric collaboration data-labelling metadataMindLink Anywhere

Bug Fixes

21.1 includes the following bug fixes:

FCF-8654Fix common http client usages to be consistent with its expected exceptionsMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8593Pre-authentication header is treated as case-sensitiveMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8583Service crashes when logging out while private message is sendingMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8574Discriminating disclaimer configuration allows header values with different casingMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8565Group alias connector throws InvalidOp when logging onMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8562Translate button in LiveStream cuts off letter descendersMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8561Mute My Mic button in private chat does not show up in light theme modeMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8549Cant reopen closed incoming conversation when closing occurs before the message arrivesMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8546Users mentions multiparty table layout messages do not have translation actionsMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8517API does not understand Emoji message partsMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8516Searching for some terms in the chat history throws InvalidSearchhistoryParamteters errorMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8511Message input has a line on both the left and right side on IE11MindLink Anywhere
FCF-8509Insert Link Icon Is Not Visually CentredMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8508Group management save and cancel does not appear until hovered over on IE11MindLink Anywhere
FCF-8490Inbound data-labelled messages are swallowed when data labelling is not enabled.User Services
FCF-8487Contact card icon is not displaying in dark mode on Legacy EdgeMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8466Private chat errors when data labelling optional and no communities availableMindLink Anywhere

Known limitations

Audio calling between the MindLink client and the Skype Mobile app is currently not supported