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Release 19.8

New Features:

Message Classification in 1-2-1 conversations
Utilising attribute mappings, Users can be provisioned with clearance that determines the messages they are able to view and send. Messages sent with a classification marking will be restricted to users cleared to the required classification (or higher) A Classification builder provides the interface to assign classification attributes to a message. The attributes shown in the picker will reflect the highest mutual clearance of all participants of the conversation.

Mentions in IM and Multiparty conversations
User @mention functionality has been added to both 1-2-1 IM conversations and Multiparty chat. When a user in the conversation is mentioned the message will populate their @My mentions filter.

Include recent senders and contacts in mentions search
Past behaviour required the member of a room to be online in order to show up in @mention search results.
To allow creation of a user @mention for a user who may not be available at the time, the search will now include members who have recently gone offline or recently sent messages into the room/conversation. Powerful for communication across time zones.

Important Changes

UCMA 6 Has been upgraded to December 2019 CU

  • This is an underlying change, everything should continue behaving as before.

Dropped Features / support

Nothing has been dropped or depreciated with this release.


The following improvements were made:

FCF-8003Upgrade UCMA 6 to December 2019 CUUCMA Connector
FCF-8002Cache classification attribute resolutionMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7998Resolve and join any room by name from the routeMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7949Improve the log exception formattingHost
FCF-7992Mentions in multiparties and private conversations should appear in @My MentionsMindLink Anywhere,
MindLink Mobile
FCF-7931Enforce semantic logging rulesManagement Center
FCF-5426Improve mentions searchMindLink Anywhere

Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed:

FCF-8044Message input/icons bar doesn't float above keyboard (Tablet)MindLink Mobile
FCF-8033MLM - Chat rooms get stuck loading after killing app and re-launchingMindLink Mobile
FCF-8020WrappedLdapConnection does not catch all exceptions when binding jCommon
FCF-8012The emoji picker displays blank when opening and closing the pickerMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8010IE10 is not displaying web elements properlyMindLink Anywhere
FCF-8007Web client is not working on ie11/ie10MindLink Anywhere
FCF-8006Can open multiple ML Anywhere management tools on Lync 2013 environmentMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7999Cannot access my mentionsMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7977low contrast of ... menu when hovering over a selected dock itemMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7933hard to close the error details screen on iPhone XMindLink Mobile

Known limitations

Audio calling between the MindLink client and the Skype Mobile app is currently not supported