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Release 19.5

New Features

Reclaimation of custom aliases in MindLink Anywhere:
Users can assign themselves a group alias in MLA. This alias is unique for each group and persists across sessions. This means that a user can claim an alias forever, and this alias will be unavailable to other users even if the user leaves the company or is otherwise disabled for access.

Keyboard Navigation in MindLink Anywhere
Improved keyboard navigation in MLA further so that full arrow-key traversal of the dock and message history area is possible. This has been coupled with improved screen-reader support so that quick navigation of the app via keyboard and screen reader is functional and easy.

Improved Look & Feel in MindLink Anywhere
Improvements to the MLA UX to bring it up-to-date and consistent across the app. Simplified the colour scheme to ensure that the colour palette is accessible.

Custom disclaimer in MindLink Anywhere
Added the ability to set a custom disclaimer upon entering the app. This supports the use case of an external "cloud" chat service.

Custom Header/Footer banners in MindLink Anywhere
Added the ability to inject custom header and footer banners in MLA. The banners will display pages at external URLs, so that the entire contents can be customised. This supports the use case of an external "cloud" chat service.

Customisable URLs in MindLink Anywhere
Added the ability to redirect the home page to a custom URL, and to specify a custom "help" URL. This supports the use case of an external "cloud" chat service.

Breaking changes

With this release (version 19.5) of the MindLink product suite support has been dropped for Lync 2010 for all products.
For MindLink Mobile, iOS 10 support has been dropped, iOS 11 is now the lowest supported version of iOS.


FCF-7896Update Airwatch and MobileIron SDKs to the latest versionMindLink Mobile
FCF-7636Improve colour contrastMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7921Make the Exchange auto-discover maximum redirect attempts configurableHost
FCF-7833Add the ability to link to a group management web siteMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7852Upgrade UCMA 6 to CU1UCMA Connector
FCF-7845Flatten & simplify dock item DOM structureMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7850Parallelize grunt build steps to speed up build times FCF JS, ML ReactMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7851Make invitation preferences respect multi-pool deploymentUCMA Connector
FCF-7787Support 64bit version of blackberry android appMindLink Mobile
FCF-7841Add user photo uploading viewMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7859Improve accessibility for ToggleButton componentMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7582We should show an error message when calling a user on an endpoint without audio supportedMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7817Allow user to remove the "active call" widget when a call is overMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7780Add a client preference to disable emoticonsMindLink Anywhere

Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed in this version (19.5) of the MindLink product suite.

FCF-7893Cannot save settings if the service account is local systemManagement tool
FCF-7861Edge browser narrates "Blank" on dock itemsMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7908Upgrading from 19.3 to 19.5 does not identify configuration mismatchHost, Management tool
FCF-7891Some of the new PRO icons/UX elements are misalignedMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7885User photo gets stuck loading when photo cannot be downloadedMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7877Uploading two user photos in sequence displays error bannerMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7858Multi-pool - Toggle livestream favourites for duplicate name room will set preference for both roomsMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7836Tab navigation accessibility changes - Safari browserMindLink Anywhere

Known issues, limitations, restrictions

FCF-7821Sticky day break header doesn't update when jumping to distant messages by dragging scroll thumbMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7897MLA crashes when disabling clipboard events and pasting into the message inputMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7860Groups with the same name across multiple pools should get a unique qualifierMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7866Screen reader does not read text after a line breakMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7872@mention or #hashtag continues typing from initial cursor position after selecting from autocomplete popperMindLink Mobile
FCF-7874Group max message length is always taken from the default poolUCMA Connector
FCF-7822GIF Only plays while scrollingMindLink Mobile
FCF-7814We don't show a day break header for the first day in historyMindLink Mobile
FCF-5584Accessing quick reply when the hashtags list is open does not open the keyboard.MindLink Mobile
FCF-7309Leaving a group that is already leaving locks up debug sessionUser Services
FCF-6199IE10 After sending a pasted message the text remain at the message inputMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7689Folders not persisting on SfBOSfBO Connector
FCF-5033User's sip address is shown as the display name when the user has reached max followersUCMA Connector