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Release 19.4

New Features

Support for .NET 4.8
The server stack has been upgraded with this release to use .NET 4.8 ; this is a breaking change to the prerequisites.

Keyboard Shortcuts in MindLink Anywhere For improved accessibility MindLink Anywhere now features added basic keyboard shortcuts to manage the cursor focus - to focus the message input box and the history and dock search bars.
These shortcuts are shown to users on initial login on the home screen, the home screen can also be viewed by clicking the MindLink Logo.

Support for Multiple Persistent Chat Pools
We have changed our backend PChat server integration to support more than one persistent chat pool in the same session.
Since Lync 2013, organisations can deploy more than one PChat Server pool within their topology. This is typically done for compliance reasons, or to optimize geolocation performance.
Version 19.4 features first-class support for topologies with multiple pChat pools. When a user logs in, they will be able to join and participate in chat rooms across all pools in the topology.

QueryString parameter to bypass SSO logon page
On first log on, users are shown a logon page where the user can select their presence state, enabled modalities, etc. This is shown even when using "SSO" - this is the only chance the user has to configure these sorts of things.
However, it does mean that initial sign-on is not a true "SSO" experience. 19.4 features a new option allowing this to be bypassed with the default settings - the administrator will set this attribute in the URL.

Breaking changes

The .NET version on the MindLink server needs to be upgraded to .NET 4.8 for the correct functioning of any MindLink products.


FCF-7846Make the logo button accessibleMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7790Give dock item labels contextMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7818Add query string option to bypass SSO log on page and log on with default optionsMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7784inline images should have alt textMindLink Anywhere

Bug fixes

The following bugs were fixed in this version (19.4) of the MindLink product suite.

FCF-7813Typing message and closing keyboard before sending shows placeholder text under message contentMindLink Mobile
FCF-7857Sending messages containing group links mentioning groups in a pool different from the first pool failsWeb server
FCF-7835File download proxy advice on MLM Management Tool page is wrongMindLink Mobile
FCF-7844Livestream content is not layed out correctly in IEMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7832Cannot delete Addin re-write rules / Custom SettingsManagement tool
FCF-7825Member display names do not resolve in large roomsUCMA Connector, User Services
FCF-7816Cannot set profile picture when against Exchange OnlineUCMA Connector
FCF-7824Emoji regex misses out some common emojisFCF JS, UCMA Connector
FCF-7733the file transfer cache isnt cleaned up when you log outMindLink Anywhere

Known issues, limitations, restrictions

FCF-7821Sticky day break header doesn't update when jumping to distant messages by dragging scroll thumbMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7897MLA crashes when disabling clipboard events and pasting into the message inputMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7860Groups with the same name across multiple pools should get a unique qualifierMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7866Screen reader does not read text after a line breakMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7872@mention or #hashtag continues typing from initial cursor position after selecting from autocomplete popperMindLink Mobile
FCF-7874Group max message length is always taken from the default poolUCMA Connector
FCF-7822GIF Only plays while scrollingMindLink Mobile
FCF-7814We don't show a day break header for the first day in historyMindLink Mobile
FCF-5584Accessing quick reply when the hashtags list is open does not open the keyboard.MindLink Mobile
FCF-7309Leaving a group that is already leaving locks up debug sessionUser Services
FCF-6199IE10 After sending a pasted message the text remain at the message inputMindLink Anywhere
FCF-7689Folders not persisting on SfBOSfBO Connector
FCF-5033User's sip address is shown as the display name when the user has reached max followersUCMA Connector