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Profile Pictures

Profile Pictures are user images that display as part of their profile. They can be shown in the dock, the active conversation, and the livestream. A user will also see their own profile picture in the top-right of the taskbar.

Profile pictures can be added by using any of the methods mentioned below. When updating profile pictures, MindLink looks at all of the below repositories and pulls users' profile pictures from the most recently updated repository.

Configure Through Native Skype for Business client

When a user sets a profile picture in the Native Skype for Business client the change should be reflected in the MindLink client.

Configure through Active Directory

Profile pictures can be added, changed, and removed directly through the Active Directory.

One approach to this is to leverage the PowerShell commands to make changes to active directory users.

Configure Through Exchange

If a user has an exchange mailbox, profile pictures can be added, changed, or removed through Exchange.

Users can add, change, or remove profile pictures through the MindLink client itself. This functionality must be enabled in the management tool first and allows a user to make changes from their contact card. When configured, an 'Upload photo' button will be showing on the contact card.