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Ethical Wall


Users are assigned to certain partitions based on their attributes and can be denied communication through a configuration file. Within these partitions, users will be able to communicate with one another. Users by default are denied communication, and each partition will need rules applied, to permit communication between each other. An example can be seen below:

Custom Preferences

DefaultAction="Deny" - This will deny communication between all partitions. This can also be set to permit, in which communication will be permitted between all partitions.

Action="Permit" Partition1="Odd" Partition2="Prime" - Communication between users in the odd and prime partitions is permitted.

Action="Permit" Partition1="Odd" Partition2="Even" - Communication between users in the odd and even partitions is denied


When using the MindLink client, any users that do not share attributes will not be able to search for one another in the main search. Users will not be able to send messages to other users with no attributes or different attributes set. Users with attributes will also be unable to see messages sent from users without attributes.


When using the MindLink client, users with different attributes cannot be added to multiparties. Only users with the same attributes will be able to see and invite one another to multiparties. In the case when an already joined multiparty user and a newly invited do not share attributes, the newly invited user will join while the joined user will be kicked from the multiparty.


When using the MindLink client, users will not be able to send/receive mentions for users that they do not share attributes with.