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Disable IM/Group Chat

Disable Chat Modality

The MindLink client utilises two chat modalities : IM and Group Chat.

  • IM : One-to-one and Multiparty functionality, harnessing your user contacts.
  • Group Chat : Chat room functionality, using rooms with persistent history.

Your deployment can utilise two approaches to allow one of these modalities to be disabled - note that at least one must be enabled at any given time.

The Management tool contains two global settings : Enable instant messaging and Enable group chat.
These settings will allow all MLA users to utilise IM and/or Group Chat respectively. When a modality is not enabled, a user will log on and only have access to the enabled modality. With IM disabled the user will see no contacts or multiparty functionality, while with Group chat disabled the chat rooms will be excluded.

Only one of these can be disabled at a time.

User Preference
If both of the above settings are enabled, two additional options are able to be toggled. Allow user to disable instant messaging and Allow user to disable group chat.

One, or both, can be enabled in the management tool. Each setting will provide a respective toggle on the authentication page that allows a user to disable a modality themselves. again, users can only disable one at a time. User's presence and IM availability, or active membership in a group, will change to reflect a disabled modality.