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Planning & Prerequisites Overview

Before you can take the MindLink installers and deploy a MindLink product onto your server there are decisions and prerequisite steps that must be taken!

To begin, you must plan your deployment. The planning section will get you thinking about what infrastructure configuration to apply depending on your requirements and use cases. Then you will need to plan your product deployment by covering the available features and deciding which you want to utilise and which you prefer to disable. Deciding this in advance will make your installation and configuration workflow more streamlined, though you can still go back and make adjustments if needed.

After planning comes the Prerequisite requirements. This highlights your system and client requirements, followed by the prerequisite software that must be installed. Additional configuration changes are included that will depend on your preferences, too.

Key areas for Planning and Prerequisite requirements

Task DescriptionWiki Link to information
See the Features to consider early, for planningProduct Features
Make your deployment decisionsPlanning
Make your Environment decisionsPlanning : Environment
Make your Product decisionsPlanning : Product
Provision a domain joined serverPrerequisites
Install Prerequisites on serverPrerequisites
Create trusted application in Skype for Business TopologySkype
generate server platform certificateSkype
Install Skype for Business Core Tools if Auto-Provisioning desiredSkype