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Step-by-step planning process

Before you can Install And Configure your MindLink deployment you must make a few decisions about your deployment.

Product Planning

To effectively plan your MindLink Product(s) you will need to know about some key features that you may want to enable or disable.

Go through the features and ensure you understand enough about them to decide if you wish to deploy with each enabled or disabled

Product Features

The features for each MindLink product can be found here

Environment and Product Planning

Once you know what you want out of the MindLink product(s) you can decide how to set up your CORE Environment

RequiredTask DescriptionWiki Link to information
COREMake your deployment decisionsPlanning
COREProvision a domain joined serverPrerequisites
COREInstall prerequisites on serverPrerequisites
CORECreate a trusted application in Skype TopologyPrerequisites
COREGenerate server platform certificateCertificates