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Planning your deployment environment

To deploy your product(s) a series of decisions must be made about your configuration.

The underlying server environment that the MindLink products are deployed in must be set up first. There are decisions that must be made about how it is configured which will depend on your requirements and use cases.

Environment Planning:

Skype for Business Decisions

Will you use Auto-ProvisionYesNo
What will be the Next Hop for the Front End Pool?
Which port will your server listen on (Default is 4096)
What Service Account will run the MindLink Service ( Read the Active Directory via LDAP)?

Persistent IM

Do you have a single pChat pool or more than one?One PoolMultiple Pools
Do you already have Chat Rooms set up, or do you need to create some for MindLink use?Already set upNeed to create new
Do you need some specific chat rooms with :Chat History Disabled?File Upload Disabled?
Do you need to set maximum message length constraints?yesNo

Exchange Decisions

Will the MindLink Service Account needs impersonation rights on Exchange?YesNo
Do you want to automatically resolve the Exchange server name?YesNo
Will you automatically resolve the Exchange server name from a list of well-known URLs?YesNo
Do you want to manually configure the Exchange server name?YesNo

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