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Updating the Group Alias Database

With some updates (not all) the Group alias database will need to be updated.

Back up your current database

Firstly, backing up your SQL Database is recommended!

If you have already updated the management center you can still back up your database, as updating the database requires additional manual steps (below)

Management Center Version Update

Next, run the installer for the latest MindLink version and follow the installation wizard. This process will only update your MindLink installation, not the database.

Update the database

Once your backup is complete and you have 19.7 deployed, navigate to the MindLink anywhere management center > Group aliases tab.
Begin by testing your connection with the database. Generate update script

This should prompt the interface to indicate an update is required.

Generate update script

  • Update now
    This option should be very straight-forward.

Generate update script

After clicking the button a confirmation popup will be displayed

Generate update script

After clicking Yes the process should be successful.

  • Generate update script

Generate update script

If you opt to use the Upgrade script the button will show a popup with the script.

Generate update script

This script can then be used to upgrade your database manually.

After updating the database a success state should be reached Generate update script

After you have updated the database start the MindLink service.