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Backup API

Connector Service Configuration

When backing up the API there are two types of data to focus on:

Static Service Configuration This is the management tool configuration, which defines the connection to Skype, network ports, certificates, superuser account etc. (this data only gets updated when you “save changes” in the Management Tool).

Provisioned API data This is the data that backs the “provisioning” service in the API, and which gets updated dynamically by the service - users/agents/throttles.xml),

Both of these config types are in the “Connector Service” folder under /config, and in the “app config” file. So back up the entire Config folder and the MindLink.Core.Host.dll.config file.

Static Configuration Master Copy

The Management Center has its own “master” copy of the static configuration (the values shown in the GUI), which it then “applies” to the static config that the Host uses when you save changes. So to make sure the Management Center doesn’t lose” the configuration, also backup this master copy – this is all stored in the staging.config file in the Management Center folder.

Backup management center configuration


  • ConnectorService/Config folder – static config and dynamic provisioned API data
  • ConnectorService/MindLink.Core.Host.dll.config – static config
  • ManagementTool/staging.config – “master” config that the Management Tool uses