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API Troubleshooting

Error messages will be displayed if the application encounters any problems. The error message can be used to determine what the problem is.

Authentication Errors

The API will return an error code: 0 if the connection to the MindLink server is not successful. This may be because the attempt is for an invalid URL, or because the server is offline.

Login Errors

When login is not successful, the application will display error messages to inform the user of the cause of the problem. The following is a list of login problems which will cause an error message to be displayed:

  • Unable to contact connector service
  • Unable to connect to messaging server
  • Encountered a server error
  • Received invalid data from the server
  • An unrecognized error

Connection Errors

A connection problem will occur when the application is disconnected from the server, the session has expired, or has an associated error. When this happens, the application will attempt to reconnect several times (with increasing delays). If reconnection is successful, the application will continue to operate as usual. If reconnection is unsuccessful, an error will be displayed, which will prompt the user to login again.

When reconnection can be established without re-login, the presence of the user will not change and they will appear online all the time. Messages will be retrieved when the user reconnects. However, if the reconnection fails and the user is required to re-login, they will appear offline and messages sent or received during that time will be lost without any explicit notification to the sender of the message.

Other Errors

A Service fails to start

Check the logs. If there is no logging directory, ensure the service account has write access to the install directory. Ensure the service account has full rights on the database.

The Connector Service fails to start with a 407 Proxy Authentication Required error

This typically happens when the environment is configured to run with a web proxy. The connector service must be configured to use the web proxy. Add the following config to the root element of the

Connector Service's configuration file (MindLink.Core.Host.dll):

Connector service fails to start with the following error

Microsoft.Rtc.Internal.Sip.TLSException: CertificateInfoNative::AcquireCredentialsHandle() failed; HRESULT=-2146893043

Most often, it means that the process does not have permission to access the certificate you are using to authenticate for transport layer security (TLS). This can be resolved by giving the service account read access to the correct certificate key file located at 'C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\MachineKeys'.

An 'Unable to contact Messaging Server' error occurs during login

Confirm that the Connector Service is configured to talk to the underlying chat system correctly - check the sever name, port, transport type and sip address.

An 'Unable to contact Connector Service' error code occurs during login

It is likely that the Connector service is not running, or a firewall is blocking requests.

If the error is 404, the Connector service is probably not running, or it is listening on the wrong port or path. If the error is 401 or 500, the certificate may not be installed correctly. Ensure that it is installed on the Connector service machines, that the Connector service machine has the certificate bound to the appropriate port (use httpcfg query ssl), and that the Connector service is configured to use the certificate and HTTPS in its config files.

Observe the Connector service logs to confirm that the request is reaching the Connector service properly.