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iOS Vanilla

'Vanilla' simply means the standard mobile application. The Mobile Device Management (MDM) 'Flavours' covered on the other page refer to the different 3rd party device management services that MindLink has explicit integration with.

Downloading the app

To get the latest Vanilla application on an Android device, users must download the application from the Google Play store. Search for “MindLink” and install the app.

MindLink in the app store

The user is now ready to launch the app and connect to the server. It's that simple.

Providing server address

When the MindLink Mobile app is launched for the first time, users will be prompted to enter the server details into the device.

Users can change the address they are connected to by clicking the settings cog on the logon page. In the settings view the details include the server address, which points to the Web Service Port specified on MindLink Management center under the MindLink Mobile tab

Deploying internal certificates

If a certificate that you have used to provision the management tool is issued by an internal certificate authority, then the Certificate Authority’s (CA) root certificate should be deployed to each device so that a secure connection can be established.

The certificate itself can be delivered to devices by email or by hosting it for download via the web.

If no certificate is provided then the device will report the following error when connecting to the server : Request URL screen

Mobile Autodiscovery

When Mobile Autodiscovery is set up, the user can expect to utilise a domain email to initialise to the server hosting the MindLink Mobile application. This saves the user time and spares them from having to ask administrators for a server address.

Please note: This will not work in the event your MDM platform is set to automatically provision the MindLink Mobile server address.