Release Notes - Version 19.7

New Features:

Message Translation performance counters
Performance counters have been added for message translation functionality. - Average Translation Service Request Time Seconds - Failed Translation Service requests - Failed Translation Service requests Per Second - Last Translation Service Request Time milliseconds - Translation Service Bytes Downloaded - Translation Service Bytes Downloaded Per Second - Translation Service Bytes Uploaded - Translation Service Bytes Uploaded Per Second - Translation Service Requests - Translation Service Requests Per second

Delay showing disconnection banner
The management tool now features a configurable delay timer for the disconnection banner. Found under the MindLink Anywhere tab of the management center, it allows a delay to be set (in seconds) between the loss of connection and the banner being shown. This reduces the chance of the banner appearing during insignificant blips in connectivity where connection is immediately regained.

Important Changes

Alias Database Upgrade
The alias database will needs upgrading for 19.7 deployments. This can be done in the Management Center, on the Group Aliases tab.
Firstly, backing up your SQL Database is recommended. Note: The database schema is compatible with previous versions of MindLink, so older MindLink nodes will not be broken

Dropped Features / support

Nothing has been dropped or deprecated with this release.


The following improvements were made:

ID Details Product
FCF-7975 Incoming IM dock indicator contrast improvements MindLink Anywhere
FCF-7951 Add performance counters around translation MindLink Anywhere
FCF-7950 Cache the result of translated messages MindLink Anywhere
FCF-7944 Update karma and switch to headless chrome MindLink Anywhere
FCF-7941 Long single line messages should occupy two lines and be truncated MindLink Anywhere
FCF-7927 Delay showing a disconnection warning to the user MindLink Anywhere

Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed:

ID Details Product
FCF-7973 Cannot move caret with arrow keys when inside an emoji block with no matching emojis MindLink Anywhere
FCF-7972 Microsoft translator errors are not being deserialized MindLink Anywhere
FCF-7970 Incoming IM dock indicator is white on a white background MindLink Anywhere
FCF-7969 Long display names overlap timestamp in dock unread message snippet MindLink Anywhere
FCF-7968 Search history arrows are cut off MindLink Anywhere
FCF-7967 When using dummy translation service you get a white-screen-of-death on logon page MindLink Anywhere
FCF-7865 Exchange diagnostics bundle is not logged correctly UCMA Connector
FCF-7957 Management centre : Active directory tab no validation for "Autodiscover global catalogue" MindLink Anywhere
FCF-7911 Aliases in search history are misaligned MindLink Anywhere
FCF-7860 Groups with the same name across multiple pools should get a unique qualifier MindLink Anywhere

Known limitations

Audio calling between the MindLink client and the Skype Mobile app is currently not supported