Message Translation

Message translation allows in-app translation of messages, built into the interface.

Messages can be translated manually - per message - or a chat room can be set to automatically translate all incoming messages.

Tranlsated messages are now cached

Setting Target Language

For the best results, the language preference should be set to your local language. By default this will be set to English, but you can change to any of the supported languages from the logon page.

Group Chat Automatic Translation

Once set, the translation service will target this language. When a translation is carried out the message content will be converted from its source language into the target language. If the message is already in the target language no change will be made.

Manually translating messages

Each message will show a translation icon when hovering over it. Pressing this icon will translate the message into your target language.

Group Chat Automatic Translation

  • If the message is already in the target language the icon will be removed.

  • If the message is translated from another language into the target language a toggle icon will be added to allow manual switching between languages.

Group Chat Automatic Translation

Automatically Translating Messages

When enabled, any new messages (New incoming message or loading message(s) from history) will be translated to the target language. Messages that are already loaded will not be translated automatically.

Enable automatic translation messages in Group Chat Group Chat Automatic Translation

Enable automatic translation messages in IM IM Automatic Translation

When enabled the icon will turn green

IM Automatic Translation

These preferences are applied on a per-room basis allowing some rooms and conversations to automatically translate while others are kept manual.

IM Automatic Translation To turn off automatic translation simply click the icon again.

Viewing Translations

The translation functionality varies depending on which view the message content is displayed in.

Does Translate :
  • IM Conversations

  • Multiparties

  • Group Chat

  • Livestream
    The Livestream supports translation and even includes a manual translate icon and language toggle. Messages translated in an active conversation - manually or automatically - are also translated in the livestream, though the language toggle is mutually exclusive.

  • Filters Messages received in the @Mymentions filter support translation.

  • Stories
    Story content supports translation and the story view inclides a language toggle, though not a translate icon.

Does Not Translate:
  • Search History
    Text in the history search results will remain as it was sent. Translation does not apply.

  • Dock The dock message snippet remains as the message was sent.

  • Plain URL links :
    URL links do not get touched by the translation functionality to ensure they correctly route to the desired address.

  • Custom URLs
    A custom URL allows a plain URL link to be formatted as custom text. With message translation, the custom text supports translaiton while the underlying link remains untouched to ensure correct pathing.

  • Hashtags, Room Links & Mentions These do not translate as they are dependant on the format they are in - Usernames and room names dont translate so neither do their correlating links; Hashtags are created and used for a specific purpose and remain in the same format to preserve their intention.