Audio Calling

Audio calling allows users to initiate voice calls in 1-2-1 conversations and Multiparty chats. Support for a call between users on MLA and users on the native Skype client is included.

1-2-1 Conversations

Disable Chat Modality These calls are directly between two users. During a conversation, or without even starting an exchange, a user can click the call icon from the dock menu or the top of the active conversation to ring the other user. The receiver will encounter a ringing dock notification that they can answer or decline. Disable Chat Modality


calling works as more of an opt-in call. A running multiparty shows the call icon when audio calls are enabled, with users being able to join at will. Other users will not get a ringing notification in this case, but the members list will update to show which users are on a call (along with their microphone's mute state)
Disable Chat Modality It is important to know that these multiparty calls are compatible with Skype conferences, meaning a skype meeting can begin and users connect to the call. Users on MindLink Anywhere can be invited on creation or later into the meeting and will be able to join the call by clicking the icon. Disable Chat Modality

For a detailed overview of the technical details and browser compatibility see the latest MLA Technical Overview document. This can be found on the Release Notes page.