MLA Counters

The MindLink Server exposes a custom suite of Windows performance counters that can be used to monitor the usage and health of the system.

If Performance Counter Logs are not working, ensure that the service account is a member of the local Performance Logs Users group on the server.

the performance counter suite can be used to indicate general usage statistics as well as to detect outages or other problems, via the number and rate of errors thrown.

In addition, the MindLink server is a .NET service and hence exposes the standard suite of .NET performance counters. It is recommended to monitor at least the standard Windows memory usage and CPU performance counters, as well as the MindLink performance counters that report error rates, as a general indication of service health.

The Connector service exposes several performance counters. The new category in which they are found is called 'CollaborationFoundation'. The performance counters and how they are updated are as follows:

Anywhere & MobileChat:

  • ActiveSessions: The active user sessions connected into webchat/mobilechat.

  • Active Subscriptions: The number of current presence subscriptions.

  • Total Subscriptions: - The total number of subscriptions made so far.

  • Total User Information Requests Calls: - The number of user information lookups made so far.

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