MindLink Mobile

This section manages MindLink Mobile settings and provides general information with regard to the MindLink Mobile Client set up.

MindLink Mobile General Settings


Mobile Server Global Settings

1 - Token Issuing Certificate Specify a token issuing certificate to manage user authentication.

2 - Hostname External DNS of the Mobile Server FQDN. This matches the server address in the client app.

3 - TLS Socket Port The port on which the Connector service will listen on for incoming MindLink Mobile client connections.

4 - Secure TLS connection Select this if you wish to secure the WebSocket connection

5 - TLS Certificate Certificate used to secure the connection

6 - Identification Web Service HTTP port used to initiate a connection

7 - SSL option Secure the lookup connection

8 - SSL certificate A valid certificate must be selected for the service to provide for HTTPS connections.

9 - HTTP File transfer port Option to use a different HTTP port for File Transfers

10 - File Transfer Port File Transfer Port number

11 - Enable Secure file transfer Enable HTTPS File Transfers

12 - SSL Certificate Select the certificate to be used to secure File Transfers

13 - Session ServiceProxy Base URL Base URL for session services external proxy connections

14 - File Download External Proxy Base URL Base URL for file transfer external proxy connections

15 - Enable long session control Enable long session timeouts. This is the connection between the Mobile server and SFB/Lync

16 - Long session time out Timeout settings in Days

Server Pooling

To enhance resiliency for your MindLink Mobile Enterprise implementation. The Server Pooling feature can be utilised. Please note that the Server Pooling feature requires access to a database instance setup on either Microsoft SQL Server versions 2012, 2014 or 2016. In the Management Center for MindLink Mobile, there is a tab within the feature MindLink Mobile - that enables server pooling.

server pooling

1 - Enable server pooling: This is enable server pooling to be utilised, this will require a SQL database

2 - Database connection string: - Configure the connection string with the following syntax:

Server=FQDN SQL server; Initial Catalogue=SQL catalogue; Integrated Security=SSPI

or if you wish to use a Failover SQL partner you could use the following syntax :

Server=FQDN SQL server; Failover Partner=FQDN SQL partner; Initial Catalogue=SQL catalogue; Integrated Security=SSPI

3 - Override credentials for database operation: If the user running the management tool does not have sufficient SQL permissions, then these can be overridden by a set of credentials that have sufficient permission by your SQL administrator.

4 - Test the connection: To check the validity of a relevant SQL database connection string and the override credentials , select 'Test'. The following steps may differ and as such are outlined in the two scenarios listed below.

Android Settings


Apple Settings

The following settings need to be configured for the MindLink Mobile for iPhone implementation.


Figure 13: MindLink Mobile Apple Device Settings

1 - Allow Apple Device Connections: The setting that allows iOS devices to connect to the MindLink Mobile server.

2 - APNS Host: The Apple Push Notification Settings host server address.

3 - APNS Port: Outbound port number for the APNS host, default 2195.

4 - APNS Certificate: The certificate assigned to the APNS host. The certificate will be provided by MindLink along with the installers. The certificate needs to be installed first in the Computer Personal store so it can be selected from the MindLink Management Center.

Network : HTTP Connectivity: This is a special connectivity mode designed for use with iOS and Mobile Iron. It allows the 7072 TLS connection to be replaced by a HTTPS connection for use when Tunneling supports only HTTP/S traffic and TLS/Websocket is not available.



Disable Copy and Paste. Ticking this option will disable the ability to use the native copy and paste functionality within the Mindlink Mobile Application. Applying this option will disable copying content from within the application, however, you will still be able to paste from an external source into the chat.

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