MindLink API

This section manages the MindLink Foundation API settings.


Figure 25a: MindLink Foundation API feature section.

1 Foundation service port number: The port on which to listen for incoming API connections.

2 Use HTTPS: If ticked, the foundation service will be hosted as an HTTPS service, meaning that all data is encrypted between agents and the service.

3 Certificate: The server certificate to use for incoming connections required only when configuring for HTTPS.

4 Authentication mode: select from ntlm, windows or manual modes.

5 Super User: A full username (including domain, in the format DOMAIN\user) of the user who will be the super user. This user will always be able to access the provisioning functionality of the foundation API, regardless of the user configuration. Other users with access to provisioning functionality can be created using the API itself.


Figure 25b: MindLink Foundation API disabled modalities

As of 17.3 the MindLink Foundation API has the functionality required to disable the group chat modality. This is contained under the general& section of the API management tool. If IM is disabled for the API then the Active Directory node is disabled. Conversely if it is enabled the Active Directory node becomes enabled.

With IM disabled the app/bot is unable to send a message to a channel that is not valid, thus the channel ID parameter would be invalid hence the bad request that would be subsequently thrown. This is because REST APIs throw errors when the schema isnt met. Please refer to the MindLink API page for a more technical insight.

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