Installing MindLink

Please note that the MindLink Mobile, MindLink Anywhere V1/V2, MindLink Anywhere V3, MindLink SharePoint and MindLink API implementations can be collocated on the same server saving the customer costs setting up and configuring server instances for each of these solutions.

Also worth noting is that as of 17.2 development on MindLink Anywhere V1/V2 has been parked. If you wish to continue using MindLink Anywhere V1/V2 the last available version is, this can also be collocated alongside MindLink Anywhere V3.

1 - Log on to the Server that has been provisioned for MindLink as the Service Account that will be running MindLink, or an Administrator

2 - Navigate to the MindLink Installer MSI and double click


The name of this file may vary dependant on its origin.

3 - Click Next


4 - Tick the box to accept the terms of the License Agreement and click Next


5 - Specify the Directory into which you want to install MindLink and click Next again


If you happen to installMindLink for another component to the same folder, they will be separated in their own sub folders as seen below.


6 - Specify the account to be used to run the service (this will have been decided in Section 1: Planning), and click next


7 - Click Install


8 - Click Finish. This will launch the MindLink Management Center - we will configure this in Section 4: Management Center.


For a Step by Step guide for the entire deployment you can refer to the Product Deployment Guide

Installation Details

Defualt installation directories are dependent on the product to be installed

  • MindLink Anywhere (v3) - C:\Program Files\MindLink Software\MindLink Anywhere

  • MindLinkAPI - C:\Program Files\MindLink Software\MindLink API

  • MindLinkMobile - C:\Program Files\MindLink Software\MindLink Mobile

  • MindLink Anywherefor SharePoint - C:\Program Files\MindLink Software\MindLink Anywhere for SharePoint

The service executablefile is called MindLink.Core.Host.exe, and its associated config file is called MindLink.Core.Host.exe.config

Log files/installation paths depend on the product e.g. C:\Program Files\MindLink Software\MindLink Mobile\Connector Service\logs this folder is created at first run.

Service is launched by Starting the Service from Services.msc, the service name is dependent on the product name.

  • MindLink Anywhere - MindLink Anywhere Server

  • Anywhere for SharePoint - MindLink Anywhere for SharePoint Server

  • MndLink Mobile - MindLink Mobile Server

  • MindLink API - MindLink API

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