MindLink Management Center

The MindLink Management Center provides a user friendly interface to configure MindLinkand its client software (MindLink Anywhere, MindLink Mobile, MindLink API and the MindLink WebPart). The MindLink Management Center is installed alongside all MindLink core products and should be run on the server that is being configured.

The MindLink Management Center can be loaded from the shortcut on the desktop, or can be located in ProgramFiles\MindLink Software\ManagementTool. The Management Center will load with the logging configuration as the default page.

The MindLink Management Center can be loaded from the shortcut on the desktop, or can be located in:

%ProgramFiles\MindLink Software\MindLink Component\ManagementTool.

It will be named according to which componentof MindLink is installed. e.g. MindLink Anywhere Management Center, MindLink Mobile Management Center and MindLink API Management Center.

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Editing Configurations

edit config page

MindLink Management Center

- The navigation tree: displays all of the available configuration sections. Clicking on a section will display the configuration options for the selected section in the configuration panel (2)

When a change has been made to any configuration setting, the navigation tree icon for the section in which the setting resides will change to icon, to indicate that there are unsaved changes.

- Save Changes: When a configuration option has been changed in any section, the Save Changes button will be enabled. Clicking the Save Changes button will save the configuration.

3 - The configuration section header shows the name of the currently displayed configuration section and a brief description of what the configuration section options affect.

4 - The configuration panel displays all configuration options for a section.

Saving Changes

Changes Saved

Save Changes Prompt

Clicking on the Save Changes button will attempt to save configuration changes. The MindLink Management Center can automatically configure port reservations, firewall exemptions and certificate bindings so that the Connector service will function correctly.

The MindLink Service will require a restart for these new settings to take effect

Update Bindings

Update Bindings Prompt

Clicking on the 'Save Changes'button will attempt toupdate bindings changes.

If required, The MindLink Management Center can automatically update certificate and port bindings. Select Save and Update Bindings to update the configuration

Starting the Service

Once the management tool is configured and the changes are saved then it is time to start the MindLink Service.

Fistly, open the services app. This can be done by searching "Services" in the windows start menu Services App Windows Search

Once open, find the MindLink Service. Select it and click "Start" to start the service. Services App

The service should then be set to 'running' if everything is configured correctly.


If an error is encountered when you try to start the service then try visiting the Troubleshooting page for your product :

MingLink Anywhere Troubleshooting

MingLink Mobile Troubleshooting

MingLink API Troubleshooting

MingLink WebPart Troubleshooting